Trying to fix autofitted dress - emphasis on "trying"

I was trying to use a V4 dress on a G3F figure and, though autofit did quite a nice job, the part between the legs suffered from the usual issues, having a jagged and distorted hem-line. I've managed to somehow fix it to an acceptable degree, but when I send the dress back to DS and apply the generated morph, it doubles down with the already applied morphs from auto-follow. If I fit the dress to "none", the generated morph from Hexagon makes the dress fit the figure, but of course it isn't exactly functional as a conforming item; on the other hand, if I send the dress to Hexagon without it being fit to the figure, there's no visible problem to fix. I am at a loss on how to proceed, though I am sure it's a really simple thing that I haven't even thought to check, so any suggestions will be appreciated.


  • I can't recall whether the hexagion Bridge defaults to Reverse Deformations on, which is what you want (so only the chnages you have amde are in the morph). It may be worth going to Edit>Preferecnes>Bridges and making sure that the Hexagon Bridge is set to show the advanced options, then making Reverse Deformations is sett o on when sending the morph back

  • UthgardUthgard Posts: 456

    Thanks! Worked like a charm.

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