Extrusion like Sketchup

Hello all,

I have a circle inside a circle and I want to extrude this including the base like in sketchup to make a torus-like solid (I have to do more complex things but I need this for starting)

It is possible with Hexagon?

Thank you


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    Yes, there are a couple ways to do it. You can use the Extrude Line tool (the icon looks like a lamp).

    Or, the easy way is to make a circle from the lines menu, hold down CTRL and drag up with your mouse.

    Any probs just say and I'll post a quick video, a refernce image of what you're trying to make would be handy.

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  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 672

    Inner Extrude and Bridge a Cylinder. Extrude the Circles separately and then Bridge them. Create a Ruled Surface from the Circles and Extrude.

    A lot is possible in Hexagon.

  • Is this what you are trying to do ?

    Click for bigger image.

    flat torus.jpg
    1597 x 839 - 198K
  • Solid primitive-cylider (Leave open)

    Surface Modeling-Thicken

  • Just a note: There's a torus primitive in the "Second Life" sculpties tab. It's a bit high density, but it's fully dynamic like the other primitives, so you can edit its initial settings before creation. Otherwise, just do as BurrMan said and, if you need it to be a "torus", apply one sub-d to it and that should make it into a classic torus.

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