SHAPE MASTER for Genesis 8 Male

I have converted DAZ to Poser for several years, including Genesis 3.  No problem with Genesis 8, except Shape Master.  I have succesfullused SF Design's shapes in Poser, but not this time. I usually have to add each shape to the base figure and save as a figure. Converting as a pose just does not work.  I have the patience to make each figure. Just not able to get a valid figure with Shape Master for G8M.  See the image attached.  Has anyone solved this problem?

Shape Master Gen8M.png
929 x 1112 - 218K


  • WandWWandW Posts: 2,496

    I don't have Shape Master, but it appears that scaling is applied to some actors but not to others...

  • Thanks, WandW, I had already tried scaling each actor manually, but had no luck.

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