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I've been a lifelong hunter for everything concerning 3D technologies. Some months ago I wondered how all the fantastic digital artworks in the web are made. I searched again and meanwhile DAZ fullfills my 3D dreams of several decades!

But there's still one dream left: the highest thing is to move in a 3D room. I'm just a layperson in this matter but I could imagine that the next step is not too far:
If you create to cameras 2 or 3 inches next to each other and it was possible to lead the different signals to the right and left side of a spectacle ...
I'm looking forward to the further development and experiences!
By then I'll create my 3D pics by making two renders from different angles .;-)

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    The methods for stereoscopic 3D are fairly well-known and popular in current-day media. So what is your point?

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    Sry, I'm German and probably not so clear with my statement:
    I wanted to say that I'm dreaming of the possibility to watch my DAZ scenes in real 3D (with some kind of spectacles of course).
    And I think, that the biggest thing would be to move in the scenes with a two-monitors-spectacle which is served by two different cameras in the scene in order to get a real holographic impression.

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    So you create a two-camera setup and render your scene with both. No problem there.

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