Zeroing figure pose etc

Trying to get my head around the ds4 interface. Is there a quick way to zero a figure pose? I can do it via edit, then figure, then zero, etc. But in ds3 there was a really quick option in the parameters tab, and I can't find it if it is there. Partially, I am wrestling with there being so many darned panes to navigate.


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    See attached screenshot to access the Parameters Pane menu.

    Screenshot 2017-08-21 Zero Figure Pose.jpg
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    Thank you!


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    you can added manualy to order ZERO (RESET) POSE on your toolbar
    via the 'F3' check on >"parameters" command and move it to the >toolbar 

    also any other command you want fromthe list or custom actions 

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  • Great hint cm152335. Thank you very much. ...before I made a shortcut for it.


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    I added a keyboard shortcut for (CTRL-Shift Z) Zero Pose because I use it so often. A reminder: keyboard shorcuts can be configured thus:

    Window > Workspace > Customize (or just F3 will take you to the Customize panel)

    Select a function from the Left Hand menu (click on the + of Parameters for the Pose functions) and then Right-click it to set or change the keyboard shortcut.

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