Trouble with Exporting in Hexagon 2.5 (Ver.

I’m having trouble with Hexagon 2.5 (Ver. exporting a 33.4 MB Hexagon File to either .Car (Carrara) and/or .Obj (Wavefront) formats.  When I try to export or to save the file into these formats Hexagon crashes in middle of the conversion process.

I’m hoping someone can help me to figure how to export the file into Carrara 8.5 Pro so I can finish it. If there is no way of importing into Carrara, This could end my 3D Hobby it’s that important to me!

I hope I can get a reply as soon as possible.



  • cdordonicdordoni Posts: 573
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    Try collapsing dynamic geometry before exporting. Make sure you save a the hexagon file with dynamic geometry first.

    I reused this markup so there's stuff on here thats not relevant ... down near the bottom I have pointed out the "Collapse" icon, the lightning bolt

    dynamic geometry markup.png
    1093 x 1080 - 134K
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  • Turk_WLFTurk_WLF Posts: 174

    I cut the main project into it's 2 main parts & I know for sure that part I copied & saved into a seperate Hex File, everything was collapsed & no change Hexagon still stopped/crashed when I tried to export it into .obj format.

  • cdordonicdordoni Posts: 573

    Hmm ... are you using LAA?

  • Turk_WLFTurk_WLF Posts: 174

    what is LAA? 

    cdordoni said:

    mm ... are you using LAA?


  • Turk_WLFTurk_WLF Posts: 174

    No, I'm not using LAA because I didn't know about it until now but I might try it, after trying a few ideas I noticed that Hexagon crashed if I tried to export files about 10 MB or over but anything under it works fine.

  • cdordonicdordoni Posts: 573

    It may not be a memory issue, but suggested LAA as something to try. The other possiblity is the scale. If the object is small (or is being exported smaller than you are aware) the precision of the exported object might be putting vertices so close together that there is an issue.

    You might try scaling up the object 100X and see what happens. Or check your current working units setting, and the units setting on export, ... that might produce an issue. Example: If you are working in mm or inches and you export in meters or kilometers (not sure if Hex goes that high).

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