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Occasionally I have this annoying thing happen when I start Studio. My startup file is configured to spread some Studio windows/tabs across my 3 monitors. And usually it works fine. But sometimes it only gives the main monitor windows, and the windows on the other two monitors are missing. So I have to go thru all over again and reconfigure them. 

Like this morning it happened again...

Anyone know what's going on? My best guess is it has something to do with Windows updates. I think there was an update yesterday, and maybe that messed up Studio.



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    Is this what's happening?

    I use the free utility linked at ninjacrab.  It works well for me after all other suggested fixes failed.

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    Thanks. No, it's not a Windows thing, because the monitor setup doesn't change. Rather it's a Studio thing, where it seems to forget that I had opened some other windows (Smart Content, etc.) and placed them on the other monitors and saved that as a startup file. 

    Occasionally I'll start the startup file and only the main 3d View shows up on my main monitor, and the others aren't there. 

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    You might have to open a problem report with Daz.  I also use two big monitors and have never had a problem with Studio in that respect.  I put all my pallets on one monitor leaving my main one free for the 3D stage only.  It's stayed that way even through numerous updates.  It's too bad Poser has never learned that trick. 

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    Set it up as you want, then once done close Studio, then reopen; if all ok I'd grab a copy of the whole Studio4 or Studio4Beta folder (which is good for backup purposes).

    Something like: C:\Users\WHATEVER_YOUR_USER_NAME_IS_HERE\AppData\Roaming\DAZ 3D\Studio4.

    I know if I close down studio without isses, it remembers the settings, but killing it due to issues doesn't.

    I use three monitors and have Studio on two or three depending on what I'm doing, and all ok generally.

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  • Note that theer may be issues with saving panes or pane groups that have been made undockable (they will have a standard window, not a DS-styled pane frame). There have been changes to the way this feature works in the 4.10 branch

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    Cool. Thanks. Not a big deal, it happens so rarely.

    In fact I wish Blender had the same feature of saving a configuration of panes. Maybe it does, but from what I've found it treats each pane as another instance of Blender, and when you exit the main app the additional panes are still sitting there until you X them out. 

  • I have the same problem.  Randomly on starting up DAZ, my dual monitor setup would be forgotten.  The rendering viewport on my main monitor (1080p) and nothing on my 2nd monitor (720p).  Restoring my saved Workspace does not work.

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    I have a Mac, and have that problem sometimes. it drives me nuts. I try loading some arrangements that I'd previously saved. I waste an hour or so sometimes trying to recreate what I had. So now it appears they'll fix the problem in DS 4.10?!

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