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Windows updates have just ground me down. Time for a big delete and re-install and start again fresh (took 8 hours to make this .zip file!). But before it goes in the trash, I thought I'd upload these for you to have. I can't complete them with freezing software. But they are good working versions. Just less options than I planned on giving them. I can't complete the textures on the amp panel but it has been UV mapped (refer "UV View" in Daz Studio).

Hope you enjoy folks. I had fun creating it :)

Download size - 167mb

Includes - Td3d - Hollowbody collection and Td3d - T-bass Set + Templates (partial)

Set's includes Wearable (load) and Zero Pose presets for all guitars for Genesis 8 Female. They are all UV'd, but I couldn't save the Uv's for the amp. (software feezes)

Link to download:

Promo Main_guitars.png
1000 x 1300 - 627K
T-Bass Amp test02.png
624 x 830 - 443K
Td3d - HBC Promo - Clay Views.jpg
1300 x 1000 - 525K
T-Bass Amp test01.png
624 x 830 - 547K
Td3d - HBC Promo - String Morphs.jpg
1300 x 1000 - 710K
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  • PedroCPedroC Posts: 172

    yes. Thank you very much

  • ConnaticConnatic Posts: 279

    Thank you! 

    I negate the win10 upgrades occurring at inconvenient times by setting my connection type as "metered".  This allows me to manually perform the updates.

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    You're welcome PedroC.

    There is a control panel mat on the amp now. Have just finished updating the files on that link. Long as I didn't try clicking on the prop more than twice, I was able to get the saves done within a couple hours! :) But it will look like this now in the .zip. The controls were inspired by my old Fender BXR 300R amp head. There was to be a pane placed behing the grid with an image of wires etc.

    Thanks for the tip Connatic. It's the kaos it cause to my system and software settings when it does, that turn it into an issue of my productivity not being reliable should others be dependent upon it. Like you said, it's always at the worst time. Trust me it's less painful on my mind/time giving these away. I have been un-installing and re-installing my runtime twice a year without fail since i stopped using Studio 4.7 and Win 7. Seriously, life's way too short for that :)

    624 x 830 - 429K
  • Thank you very much!

  • Nice. Thanks for the share, and sorry about the Win 10 problems.

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    All good, glad you like this stuff good ppl. Never mind about comp problems. That's just a bit of background on how these got here. It's about the stuff here that does work and can be enjoyed. Bit like life it's self. ie, Never mind the crap... just focus on the positives. :) I'm just keeping an eye to make sure no-one is having any problems with access to any of it.

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  • Truly good guitar models are hard to find at any price - let alone free! Thank you so much for the hollowbody. It's just what I needed for my smooth jazz renders.

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    Thanks for that feedback. Glad you have a good use for them my friend, ...Jazz is the best. Look forward to seeing what you create.

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    Thank you so much for this amazing freebie!!!

  • Td3dTd3d Posts: 412

    You're welcome Saphirewild. Glad you can use them.  :)

  • Mustakettu85Mustakettu85 Posts: 2,933

    Beautiful work, Td3d! Thank you so much for your generous sharing heart

  • ChezjuanChezjuan Posts: 472

    Thanks much!

  • SaphirewildSaphirewild Posts: 6,441

    I can not wait to start using these amazing creations in my renders will be back soon with a good render of it!!

  • nobody1954nobody1954 Posts: 933

    Thank you very much.

  • THANK YOU so much for this great gift!

    Beautiful guitars!


  • Blind OwlBlind Owl Posts: 501

    Guitar stuff??? These are awesomely grand! Thank you!

  • Td3dTd3d Posts: 412

    Thank you for the feedback good ppl. Done a huge relocation up to the rainforest with a new computer and some nice software to get my head around. Satelite internet, makes time online limited though. Good to go again just the same :)

    ...again thanks for the support.

  • How do you know what i was searching for?! :D

    Thank you very much

  • mmkdazmmkdaz Posts: 335

    These are excellent!

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