DAZ Studio 4.5 Release Candidate 2

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DAZ Studio 4.5 RC2 is available for download!

This build is available to all customers and will run either without a serial number (you will be asked to enter one each time you launch the application until you do), or with your current DAZ Studio 4.x serial number. Installing DAZ Studio 4.5 RC2 will uninstall any previous installations of DAZ Studio 4.x, and we recommend running only one version of DAZ Studio 4.x on the same machine.

The purpose of this build is to provide users with early access to new features and bug fixes that are only available in DAZ Studio 4.5. This build is a Release Candidate, which means we are looking for prompt feedback about significant issues that may still exist in this build as we approach the General Release. To help our Quality Assurance and Software Development teams, please focus any reports you make on issues that are significant blocks, crashes or other "show-stopper" caliber issues, rather than requesting new features, user interface and/or workflow changes.

New in DAZ Studio 4.5:
1. Full implementation of the DSON file format specification - This enables saving scenes in a lightweight format that can be loaded and used by anyone who has installed the products used in the scene. If one or more of the assets used in the scene are not found while the scene is loading, a simple preview is inserted into the scene in its place and a dialog is displayed indicating which files are needed to load the scene in its entirety.
2. Selectively save parts of a scene - Save only those items in the scene that you choose, rather than having to remove items from the scene before saving. Then, easily drop that scene subset into another scene using lightweight DSON format files.
3. Viewport speed dramatically increased - For many interactions, viewport speed will be 2-5 times faster than DAZ Studio 4.0.
4. Load and use most Poser format files as if they were native DSON files - Scenes that are constructed using items loaded from Poser format files and then saved to the DSON format, are also sharable; they maintain references to the required Poser files, rather than the contents of those files.
5. Consolidated viewing/editing of Property Settings - The Property Settings dialog now consolidates more editable information about each property into a single interface; e.g. Presentation Editor, Controllers, Sub-Components, Keys, etc.
6. FBX Import - FBX files can now be round-tripped through DAZ Studio, including rigged and animated items in the scene.
7. "Darkside" style is now included - You no longer need to download and install this style separately, it is included as part of the standard installation.
8. Relaxed serial number requirements - No serial number is required to run either the 32-bit or 64-bit versions of DAZ Studio Standard Edition.
9. Shader Mixer improvements - Shader Mixer has significantly improved workflow and documentation.
10. New "Ready to Render" scenes - New scenes that are "Ready to Render" have been added as part of the content that installs with 4.5. Loading these is a great way to start tweaking and playing with some cool scenes.
11. Lesson Strip - We've added quick lessons about DAZ Studio basics. There are also instructions on how to create your own Lessons on the Documentation Center.

Along with many new things in DAZ Studio 4.5, you will also find new documentation on some of the deeper functionality in DAZ Studio on the Documentation Center in the Publishing and DAZ Studio sections.

If you find any serious issues please report them with as much detail as you can in the DAZ Issue Tracker.

What you need to know about this build:
1. Many, many issues and workflow improvements have been addressed since we released Too many to list here. Please see the DAZ Studio 4.5 Change Log and the DAZ Issue Tracker for more detail.
2. Files saved from this version of DAZ Studio are NOT backward compatible with older versions, including version 4.0.x.
3. Plugins that run in version 4.0.x will not run in version 4.5.
4. When installing the plugins that come with DAZ Studio, you may see warning dialogs indicating there was a problem with installation. These warnings do not affect installation, but we are addressing the warnings in a later build.
5. Not all features of FBX are supported on import, so characters from other 3D applications imported in FBX format may or may not come through with all their components.
6. All presets are saved in lightweight DUF format and scripted presets (DSA files) have been deprecated. DSA presets will still save and load, but the new preset format should be used in their place.
7. While the deprecated .daz scene format can still be read, the option to save to the format has been removed; too many crashes were being caused by the use of an area of the application that has been deprecated and will not be developed further.

Thank you for helping us make DAZ Studio great!

You can get this version here:
DAZ Studio 4.5 RC2

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DAZ Studio 4.5 Release Candidate 2

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