Hexagon bridge not working

when i try to send a file from hex to daz,nothing happens.  when i try to send from daz to hex it says i need the newest version of hex, which i have.


  • I am having a similar problem: "send to Hexagon" (and vice versa) was working until I upgraded to the latest version of Studio 4.9 etc.

  • OK sorry, it's working for me now.  I checked the settings etc . . . not sure what changed but now it's OK.

  • I'm having this issue.  What should the directories point to exactly?  In install manager, it cannot find the exe, but it finds the folder.  In Daz I find the EXE but it won't hold onto it.  I've even uninstalled and reinstalled, but I see no option to key the software.  I downloaded it from DAZ, and have a key to put in, but I've never been asked, and don't know how to run the activation again.  Help?

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