Garibaldi Hair System Serial Number. Where do I find it?

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So I recently purchased the Garibaldi Hair System during this March Madness Sale. Cutting to the chase, I have no idea where to find the serial number it wants to register the plugin.

I didn't get an email from Garibaldi or Daz with the serial. I didn't see one when running the installer, and I can't just continue without entering a serial number.

I've searched through the forums briefly and could not find anything about the location of the serial number. So, if you could help me find my Serial Number for Garibaldi, please do.

Thanks in advance.

--Edit: My bad, forgot to check the My Serial Numbers in the My Account tab. Totally slipped my mind. I hope this can help someone anyway.

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    the same thing is happening to me ....

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    thats bullshit, why i order these for 45 $ when i dont get a serial

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    Did you double check My Account>My Serial Numbers? if so, please open a Sales Support Ticket and they should be able to get you your serial.

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    thats bullshit, why i order these for 45 $ when i dont get a serial,

    You do get a serial, but as Richard stated, it appears in your Account on DAZ3D so you have to go get it from there.

    Go to:

    My Account (be sure you are logged in) and then you will see tabs towards the top that say Account Dashboard, Account Information etc. Look for the tab that says My Serial Numbers and you should find it there. It will say Serialnumber for Garibaldi Express Hair System For DAZ Studio and across from that will list your serial number. Also if you have bought multiple things and have lots of serial numbers (for DS etc) be sure to check other pages as not all your serials show on one page sometimes so you may have to go to page two etc. (the Page numbers show across the top right under the My Serial Numbers heading. I know I have like 6 pages worth of serial numbers. (Please see pic below...the serial number show below the page numbers just for obvious reasons I couldn't screen cap my Serial Numbers LOL)

    If you do not see it there, then it is possible that the store had a hiccup posting it to your account in which case please contact Customer Support by telephone or by submitting a support ticket and they will get it fixed and give the the serial number.

    I am terribly sorry for any inconvenience or confusion.

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