DS Bridge problem

I am new to Hexagon, so I hope that someone can help me with my problem. 

In some other thread someone posted: "Changing geometry in Hexagon will make it so that a morph cannot be created. The object can still be sent to Daz Studio but it will be imported as a prop. Geometry is changed when faces/edges/vertices are added to or removed from the sent over geometry."

I understood that I cannot remove or add vertices but can pull them to change the shape of a clothing item for example? But if I do that and send the clothing item to daz the changes won't show. Am I doing something wrong?


  • Quick question, when you send it back to DAZ Studio a box opens first asking you to name the morph etc - Are you getting this ?

    If you filled in the box, you should have a "dial" in DS's Properties (under the info you put in the box above).

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