Trackball with scroll in Carrara 8

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Nevermind. Found out this is a issue with the logitech. Switched to Kensington Orbit. Works fine

my arm is starting to fall off from too much carrara use. At home I use a mouse, at work a Kensington Pro trackball.
I am trying the logitech trackman marble, but I can't seem to find settings that allow scroll in Carrara. My Kensington trackball does scroll in Carrara but the hand angle is a little high. Does anyone else use the trackman marble in carrara, can you get the scroll to work?
I've tried different settings but no luck. I almost wish I hadn't installed the software that came with it, lots o wiz bang features but no scroll in carrara. This thing feels great, it would be perfect if I could get scroll to work in Carrara

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