I can’t download DAZ3D

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When I click on download it always take me back to the same page. Why is this so. Please someone should help.


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    Where are you downloading this from?

    You are supposed to 'buy' DAZ Studio through the store, and then it will appear in your 'My Donwloadable Products' area in 'My Account'
    and you can download it from there. There is a PC and Mac version, and also a 32 bit and 64 bit version, and Genesis Starter Essentials which you MUST download as well.

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    Are you clicking on the banner on the order completed page? That takes you to the download for the DAZ Install Manager, which you can then use to download and install content but not applications - as Jimmy says, you need to go to the Downloadable Products page https://www.daz3d.com/downloadable/customer/products/ to get the application (and you will need to do the same for sahders and plugins, if you buy any of those, as well).

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    Thank you, JimmyC_2009 for asking this question and to Mr Heseltine for answering it. I've been scratching my head over this problem and appear to have "purchased" the entire suite four times for far. There is probably info about this in the Read Me file, but it really should be intuitive.

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    I am also confused.

    I have the install manager. I read this topic. I went to my account, product library, and downloaded the art tutorial video and watched it (loved it.)

    But then (in the product library in my account, on this site) there is a long list of stuff. I only thought I had 'bought' for free the art tutorial video, and Daz 3D. So why is there a list of ten things?

    Do I install each thing on the list?

    Then when I click each thing, most of those have a long list of things of their own. Which one do I Install? For instance it says Mac32 and Mac64. Which one do I pick and why?

    Told you in the other topic I am new. I really am haha. I know next to nothing. Thank you for any help.

    And PS now I don't know why half my post is in italic. Oh no. :(

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    You pick Mac 32 if you are on a Mac (not a PC) and you have a 32 bit Operating System :-)

    If you are not on a Mac you don't need these downloads. I can't understand from your post what you mean about the Product Library, can you give us a link or a list of the Products that you can't deal with?


    I think you mean downloading DAZ Studio 4.5?

    In taht case, download and install the one for your system, Win 32 or Win 64, or Mac 32 or Mac 64, the plugins you don;t need for the moment, we can go through them later, but unless you have ZBrush, you don;t need GoZ at all, and the same applies to the Photoshop plugin unless you have a fairly new version of PS.

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    I think the OP is confused by the list of plugins etc which appear with DS 4.5

    I will leave it to you Jimmy to explain what is what.

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    DS4Decimator: it's a tool for reducing polygon counts of models, but it requires a separate purchase of the license (or having a paid for version of DS4 pro) so ignore it for now even if you might want it.

    GoZ: it's a way of sending items to ZBrush and back - obviously you need ZBrush to be able to use it

    DS4 3DBridge: a plugin for sending data to Photoshop CS4 or later, again useful only if you have that.

    You may also have Dynamic Clothing Control plug-in - that's a paid for addition to the basic dynamic clothing included in DS and should be installed only if you've purchased a license (otherwise it will leave you with no dynamic clothing at all).


    I've moved this thread to the New Users Help forum.

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    Thanks for the replies and info.

    When I click on My Account, there is a category called Product Library. I saw it called something else in some past forum topics.

    When I click Product Library I see a list of things including the tutorial and software I clicked on and then some other things including the Photoshop Bridge. I wasn't sure if I should install them all or if some were already included in the software itself. I couldn't recall if I might've been to this site before and gotten some free things I forgot about later. I didn't know why most of it was in there.

    I will have to check and see if I have Zbrush or not. If so I didn't learn how to use it. I've been hoping to find an intuitive, visually based 3d modeling software program fora long time in which I could paint directly onto the model afterward. I'm hoping the free program I got here will do that but if not it still looks like a cool program.

    I figured out where the serial #s are the program wanted me to add but I tried to copy and paste the number in to the slot and it won't let me. It won't let me move the screen aside either, so I can type it in from this site. I will have to write it down with ink pen and type it in, I guess?

    After posting last time I look at About in my computer and thought Hmm maybe 32 bit has something to do with graphics since this is a visual program. My computer said 32 bit next to something in the graphics panel so that must be what it is. Your posts confirmed that. Thank you.

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    PS I said Serial #s because I just got Hexagon here, as well. I looked at a tutorial on you tube a little while and it seems like something I can use by pushing and pulling on a model. I hope so. Are there Hexagon tutorials here? Can I download any for free?

    By the way I wasn't sure how to download it so I opened the Download or install manager or whatever it is called, and it wasn't in there (Hexagon wasn't.) So I went back to this site and clicked on it in Product Library. Then it downloaded. I opened it and installed it from my computer after that and it still didn't involve the install manager, so I am not sure what install manager is for?

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    After all this I couldn't get the key code to work and I didn't try hand typing it I don't think. That plus not understanding what the purpose of most of it was for and some real life non related concerns, meant that I left this alone for - well, until today.

    So, now I'm concerned all my stuff will be outdated...sigh.

    Also if I get a PC do I have to buy everything again?

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    Not sure about the key code issue, but once you buy a product you have access to both Mac and PC versions from them on. No need to purchase a different product, you'll just need to download the PC version from your Product Library.

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    So, now I'm concerned all my stuff will be outdated...sigh.

    Again, not a problem. Whenever there's an update, the newest version is linked in your Product Library page, all you need to do is re-download and re-install (and if you use the Installation Manager, this can be almost completely automatic). The only exception is when a completely new version of something is released, e.g. the new Generation 6 characters for the new Genesis 2 base figure. The G2F base figure is free and available in your downloads, the new characters have to be bought.

    Also, there isn't much of an "outdated" problem. Apart from some old plugins not being updated to work with D|S4.5+ pretty much anything that's ever been made to work with D|S still works with the current version.

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