The Ability To Raise Coupons From The Dead

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Late last year, around November or December, can't recall which month, I got a very nice email from Daz with a coupon offer. Because I spent an X amount of money on their products, they would like to offer me V5 and M5 Starter Bundles at a very nice discount.

At the time, I groaned out loud. My budget for the holidays was set in stone, I didn't have an extra 5 bucks let alone what it would cost to take the offer. I knew that in Febraury / March when my new budget for the quarter was allocated, I would have enough to use the offer, plus possibly buy a few extras.

Alas, the coupon is dead. Plus, my email deletes everything every 30 days, which is why I couldn't remember the exact time it got emailed. However, somewhere in the back rooms of Daz marketing, they know what I'm talking about... (dramatic lightning flash with thunder here)...

With the current March madness event going on, I'm hoping that V5 and M5 Starter or even the Pro bundles get offered at the same time, so I can buy and essentially get the same deal. I have the funds for that right now, which would let my money stretch better and use the savings to grab a few other products that would make my renders 100% useful to my new projects.

If that doesn't happen, then I could get V5 or M5 Pro, but not both, and not all of the few extras I need... but I would then have to wait for another financial quarter to pass, just to allocate another asset order that could cover my needs... only to see a new promotion come and go in between...

Hench the odd request. Raising a dead coupon from the grave would allow me to get the offered discounts when my budget is ready for it. Most marketing deals happen during holiday events, or seasonal events, such as March Madness, which could actually 'not' offer the same deal I originally lost due to timing issues.

The easiest way I could see it would to have a list of dead coupon codes made but never redeemed somewhere in my account windows. If I could select the dead coupon code and submit it for approval, either an Angelic Victoria 5 would message me the code has been granted new life and to use it in two weeks or it will die again, yadda yadda, or a demonic Victoria 5 could message me, sitting on a throne of the underworld, "That dead coupon's soul is forever lost, muwahahaha!"

Keep it fun, you know? I wonder if there are others out there who growled at an amazing offer because they knew their budget wouldn't handle it that month, just to watch it die, and growl even louder when the money becomes available, but the products they were focusing on lost their 'sale' powers. This might be a viable way to let us re-connect with those offers so we can utilize them... but only the one time, of course. Once an approved code is returned from the dead and used, then it's gone off the list.

Something to think about, perhaps. ^_^

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