Clothing with no muscles

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I am creating a clothing object for Genesis, and of course I want it to conform to whatever shape I make Genesis. But, I don't want it to show the muscle definition of the underlying figure. Specifically, I have made a long sleeved shirt, which I would like to fit Genesis, but I want it to stay loose looking. How might I do this?


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    You can try using a smoothing modifier, but if that doesn't work you will probably need to create custom morphs that you smooth in your modeller and load to overwrite the auto morphs (which you can use as a starting point).

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    A push modifier set to 0.1-0.3 might also be helpful

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    Yep. Custom morphs. You can do them yourself in a modeling program, or of course you can always buy SRMS from my DAZ store and add them automatically. ;)

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