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I have questions regarding how well DAZ works with Hexagon. Blender looks great, but I imagine a long road to perfection. If I make 1000 objects in Hexagon, can I bring them all into DAZ 4.5? 10,000? Are there any issues with dimensional size, such as building a large chunk of landscape while zooming in on the action or traveling the camera? Some modelers won't let you build a planet, re-entry of space vehicles and characters decending on parachutes.

How big is too big?


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    The further away something is then the less detail it needs. The number of items that can be handled in any program is partly dependant on how detailed and complex they are. While DAZ Studio can handle highly detailed and complex items, the more you add then the more system resources the program needs. Smart management of what you need and when you need it is key. If your character is parachuting or in freefall then chances are you dont need a detailed ground for them to land on, just a good quality image on a primative plane or basic ground prop. Basically, dont worry about details until your close enough to see them. If you try to add in a lot of stuff the human eye will not see then you're wasting time and resources.

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    Then DAZ is geared to do fly-by's? By what you're saying, I'd grasp that, in a fly-by, I'd be best to frame-by-frame animate, bringing objects in as they come into scope? Say a jungle consisting of layers of plants and trees?

    Maybe that's the question I need to ask. Will I be able to automate the process of turning layers on and off as they enter and leave the perspective clipped by the picture frame?

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    Yes to 1000 copies if they are identical (Create->New Node Instances...). For more than that it would depend on your computer and on how poly-heavy they are. Mine is a 32 bit computer and can handle 500 Genesis (I'm not sure if it's the CPU or the videocard that is acting as bottleneck, though. I have an Intel videocard so it could be the root of the problem ). If you load the whole mesh each time instead of using instances you'll reach limits much sooner.
    Regarding size issues: yes the viewport will act strangely since it has a smallish horizon. However in-render, maximum distance is usually 1e38.

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    I'm running DAZ on a PC, 64bit W7, 2.0Ghz, 4GbRAM, 500Gb HD... laptop. I can hook up to a huge HDTV if I decide to get one, but am considering a new 64bit desktop machine in the future w/ at least 12GbRAM, but that'll be a bit down the road, as in when I get a lot of this mastered. Like most (I'm a physicist or probably a "Physarticist" not an MD) I have to work within a budget.

    I'm not trying to do "Helms Deep" but Jesus fed to the millenniums isn't out of the question... :cheese:

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