17 chic clothes problem



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    How about the boots and the skirt? Those seem pretty nice, and were the main reason I was considering this. (I already have several layered tee's, most of which don't try to provide a 'true' undershirt anyway, just the appearance of one.)

    -- Morgan

    p.s. I find it weird that this is listed as a 'DAZ 3D' item, with no other artist. There aren't many items like that in the store, at least there haven't been lately.

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    While I haven't tried the boots yet; the skirt works fine on Genesis. It' just the Long sleeved under shirt.

    I have filed a bug report:

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    Well, the lack of morphs in the shirt (although the blurb says they should be there) gave me the perfect excuse to try out Sickle's SRMS to add some in. It worked nicely, and the textures from the addon pack are quite nice.

    So I guess this cloud did have a silver lining ;-P


    Edit: oh, used Jaderail's free Golden rules camera overlay to compose a picture - definitely looks better that the composition I had without using it :)

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    Also 'subpar' has exactly nothing to do with whether an item performs as advertised, but rather, how it compares to other items. It's a completely relative term.

    subpar may not have been the right term for this item, but the point stands that i have purchased way to many items that just don't meet basic mesh standards and are cobbled together, even if it performs as advertised, and this is not limited to clothing items.
    It was exactly the right term as far as I'm concerned. Conforming clothing shouldn't poke through the underlying mesh unless there's a purpose for it [Items meant to be viewed through a translucent character are the only possible reason for this I can think of]. Most conforming clothing from DAZ doesn't poke through the underlying mesh. This does.

    Hence, 'subpar,' strictly comparing it to other items. I'm glad I noticed this thread before I bought it.

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