DS 4.5 and mc6

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Hi everybody,

i saw some entries about this question, but after reading it's not really clear for me. So sorry if this question is already answered, but...

...is it possible to use *.mc6 files with DS 4.5?

I bought P.I.C.K that was made for Poser, but someone wrote that it could be used in DS 4.5 because mc6 files are supported now.

But if I select the object and doubleclick the material (or drag and drop it) nothing happens. I can assign material and bump manually, of course, but I was hoping that it works.

So, should it work and I'm just doing something wrong or do I have to assign the material manually?

Thanks in advance for any hint.


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    As far as I know, DS only supports the most basic features of Poser materials files, so anything more basic (diffuse color, image, etc) will probably need to be loaded manually. But once you do load it, then it's an easy matter to save a material preset.

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    I had this problem way back when I first got the base PICK set and discovered all of the thousand-odd materials files were .mc6 for the Poser Materials Room. A lot of these files will only apply a colour, not a texture map. Some of these effects will not appear in the Viewport, you'll only see them when you render.

    It would have been nice, though, to have standard .pz2 MAT files that would work in both Poser and D|S...

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    Thank you both for your feedback. Now it's clear.

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