Daz Studio as a benchmark / stress test

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Do the devs of Daz3D have any plan to make a benchmark option (or include a default scene to render) in Daz 3D?

Since the software is free, it can become popular easily and I feel it puts alot of load on all the cores + memory subsystem (which helps in finding a stable overclock).

Also the rendering time can be pretty useful as a benchmark. Is the 3delight engine optimized for any CPU brand? (Intel or AMD).



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    Render times make for horrible benchmarking. There are just too many variables to consider, including the scene complexity, raytrace bounces, shading rates, pixel sampling and so on. Basically, the render time would greatly vary depending on what scene you intended to render, making it a pretty useless calculation as a standalone.

    The 3Delight render engine is not developed by Daz 3D themselves but rather licensed from another company. It's not designed for benchmarking, it's designed for results, so it would be difficult if not impossible to get any useful data out of the processing which could be used to give an accurate benchmark.

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    Which is why Im suggesting to include a default (complex) scene (then the issues you mentioned wont be an issue), but the biggest hurdle to would be the packages for the scene I guess.

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    Well we already have Ready to Render scenes in all our copies of DS4.5, so it is possible.

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    Basically, a scene that is set up and common to all installs with no changes...because the only meaningful results would be that scene, rendered without changes.

    To not be changeable, it would probably have to be a RIB and called by a script to render...

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