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The Install Manager is no longer showing me my recent purchases. It's been several hours since the purchase went through, and the products are available in my Product Downloads page. I have quit/restarted DIM, and forced several Refreshes. Ideas? Anybody else seeing this? Thanx in advance.


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    Well, when I bought the Platea bundle and the Faveral Village bundle I discovered that one of them showed up in Daz Install Manager, but the other didn't. I think that they are still converting files over to the correct format for Install manager and that they don't show up until that work is done. Which products did you buy that are not showing up? I can check my install manager to see if it found them.

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    I picked up Board Games, Tank Thor, and Modern Bed 1

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    I "bought" Modern Bed 1 and Board Games shortly after they appeared after midnight, DAZ time, and they showed up in my DIM downloads as soon as I fired DIM up and logged in. Did you search for them in DIM just in case they unknowingly snuck in somehow?

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    Yeah, nothing is showing up still, with any sort or search, lol. I've sent sales a support ticket, i'll see what they can do.

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