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Hi everybody!

I started to clean up the MyLibrary folder and move products into different "roots".

The first one I moved to a new root was "Leon". This one was delivered in a ZIP file, so all files has been copied manually and no files where copied to the data\4_0_2 folder by me.

After searching the MyLibrary folder I found some "Leon" files in the above mentioned folder.

After backing up those files I removed the folders completely. It seems that I can use the product without any problems.

My question is: What are these files for? Is it save to delete them?

Any hint is wellcome.


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    DAZ Studio saves the information about the product there. Things like geometry and uv information. If no file exists for them then DAZ creates a new file. Examples of that would be older products or products created via poser. With products saved as .duf files the data information is included as part of the product. If you remove the data from a poser styled product DAZ will just resave it once you use it again. But it will not be able to find the information for scenes saved before the remove till after you have loaded the product again. With .duf format products it will not work till you reinstall the missing data files.

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    Thanks for that information.

    As you said the problem occurs if I try to open an old *.daz scene. After saving this as *.duf I can remove the folders again without any problems.
    So it seems to be a good idea to save these files, just in case, or is there a way to create these files again with DS 4.5?
    Using the objects in a new scene doesn't create the folders again and as you said storing the scene as *.duf doesn't create the folders either.

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    That /data/ folder really needs a big flashing "DO NOT TOUCH!!!" sign. Sorry, but if you carry on doing this eventually you'll break something that can't be fixed except by reinstalling the afflicted item.

    You got away with it this time because the item was apparently saved in D|S4.5 so the link back to the original Poser-format files was preserved. Older items and scene files will not have this safety net — if you mess around in the /data/ folder you will make these older items unuseable. This is generally the only function of "cleaning up" anything in this folder.

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    An old file is any saved file before the instant you mess with needed data files. So any scene saved with the product will have to be fixed if you have removed the data. Spottedkitty is correct it will start wrecking things you use. The only time I would delete any data files is if your permanently removing the product from your computer or if you have created your own asset file as a .duf and messed it up somehow and have created a new one to supersede it. Your not really cleaning so much as removing the needed files for the products use in DS.

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    Thanks for your feedback!

    So obviously the most important insight is to backup the data folder, because if I move to a new machine and DS 4.5 is not able to (re-)create these files I'm lost.

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