Poser pro 2012 verses Poser 11 pro

What are the differences between Poser Pro 2012 and Poser 11 Pro, using both the 32 bit versions?   I found I cannot use DS on the current computer I am using but trying to decide between Poser Pro 2012 and Poser 11 pro.  Actually I have both, but was wondering what is best for an older computer?


  • WandWWandW Posts: 2,495

    Didn't find it in one place, but here is the comparison between Poser 11 Pro and PP2014:


    ...and the difference between PP2014 and earlier versions...


    I use the 64-Bit version, but I wouldn't think there would be a large performance difference between these versions.  P11's Superfly render engine would be very slow, but Firefly would still work, of course.  Hope this helps! 

  • SfariahSfariah Posts: 24,099

    If Paul and Pauline are for Poser 11, which figures are for Poser pro 2012.

    I rather use Poser 11 but it looks like the installer is messed up.   Trying to uninstall and reinstall it to see if that will work.

  • SfariahSfariah Posts: 24,099

    Okay if I install Poser 11 pro, does that content contain the same content that Poser pro 2012 have?  if so does uninstalling Poser pro 2012 remove the content?  Or would it behind?

  • WandWWandW Posts: 2,495

    If the Poser 11 installer is messed up, go to the update page and get the SM Download Manager, and you can download the current version (SR6)...


    IIRC, the figures in Poser 9 were Alyson 2 and Ryan 2.  I'd expect much Poser 11 content would work in PP 2012, but not all due to changes in rigging,  file format, and the new render engine...



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