I have a new computer and have just reinstalled everything but Hexagon comes up with an invalid Key when I validate it, I am downloading hexagon from my product library and using the key that is provided by Daz in my account here, does anyone have an idea why this is please


  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 32,508

    Do you have more than one Hex serial number in your account?

  • TemairTemair Posts: 89

    No not that I can see

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 32,508

    Ah   I asked because I know that I have 2 fopr some reason.  

    Did you copy and paste, or type the serial   Some serials don't like copy and paste.   Also if you did copy and pasted, make sure that you didn't accidently add a leading or trailing blank space.

  • TemairTemair Posts: 89

    Thanks will give that a try, will be tomorrow now as its late.

  • I have more then one serial number as well. If I remember correctly you are looking for one which begins with - HDZ

    Chohole, I have 3. I bought the first one (2.1 I think) then I bought the tutorial book for Daz Studio etc and that gave me another serial number. Then I came third in an art contest at Artzone and won Hexagon :)

    Good old days, Digital Art Zone was brilliant. 

  • I've got several over the years from various distributors. Magazines, Eovia, DAZ, each with different beginnings. Some are for upgrade installion rather than full installs. And some are for version numbers of course. Version 1.21 is my favorite go-to Hexagon. Been using it over 10 years.

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