saving shading domains for re-use

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I created a new shading domain on Genesis to grow hair
I am wondering how I can transfer this to another Genesis character?
I tried exporting the mesh as a Daz morph target obj to use in the uv tab as a target but it is neither acceptable as a morph target or a new uv in Daz studio,
I cannot apply another Character to my Carrara Genesis character either.
I have added new uv mapping in studio before from Carrara in an earlier build
so something has changed.

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    HI Wendy :)

    As far as I know,. Carrara can't transfer shading domains from one object to another,.
    Also,. a polygon can only be associated with one shadeing domain,. so, in the case of a figure which already has shading domains,. when you select a bunch of polygons and create a New shading domain,. you remove those poly's from any existing shading domain.

    so if you select by shading domain,. and select the face or head,. then not all of those polys will be selected, because some are now part of the new shading domain.

    UV Swapping, is only available in DS.

    In Carrara, you need to start out by loading the base figure for the UV / texture maps, you want to use.
    EG: V4 = Genesis, or Basic Female,. M4 = Basic Male,.

    For adding hair to genesis,. you'd probably be better to create a Skull cap,. and use that as a Prop to grow hair on. themn parent that to Genesis.

    Genesis can be problematic with Carrara Hair, as changing the smoothing slider for genesis will also effect any hair growth areas,.. and not in a good way.

    making a skull cap, means that it's reusable on other figures, and it can also have a texture applied to it to give the effect of hair, instead of the usual thinning / baldy / visible scalp look.


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    lol but my shader was ALSO a skull cap!
    I added a texture to it that I used on the hair!
    yes, learning the hard way!
    it was a very nice hair!

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    well I found a work around
    I converted genesis to other modeler primitive and back to vertex
    deleted all the mesh but my "skull cap" shading domain
    and the hair preset works selecting it all

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