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I used DIM to load all my DAZ software, and keep running into strange quirks. Example, I can't get Victoria 4.2 to load with color. When I put the JS pants on the default genesis character, the pants are not black, they are the same color as genesis. The same for the boots, and vest.
Victoria 4.2 does not show in Smart Content. Nor will it show in Content Library until I do a search, and then it only shows one Victoria 4 thumbnail, until I double click it. Then another larger windows opens showing 3 different Vic 4's with the purple bikini, and a killizon choices, but still no color when loaded to the main screen.

Am I having a pathing problem? Am I having a preferences problem? Do I have to many items install to DIM? are the various files supposed to be installed in a specfic order. A lot of strange thing started happening when I installed the PS and PoserCF. I seems like ever time I add an item using DIM, something else changes or gets lost.

Does uninstalling files, in this case PS and PoserCF, completely remove them?? I am giving serious thought to uninstalling the PS and PoserCF files.

Many Thanks in Advance.


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    I think I know what's going on here...and if I'm right, it's a setting that can easily be adjusted. Look at the top of the viewport, on the right side, next to the camera controls. You should see a little gray ball/sphere icon. Click on brings up a drop-down menu. Select Texture Shaded and your colors should come back.

    In case that doesn't are a few follow-up questions that might help us figure out what's going on:
    1. Are your renders in color, or is color missing there, too?
    2. Do you get any error messages when you load your content?
    3. Is anything loading with color?
    4. Does Vicky have a gray bikini (as if she's in a black-and-white movie), or is she completely textureless?

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    Hi Scott-Livingston, thank you thank you THANK YOU, I was going bonkers with that one. Even Victoria 4.2 is now wearing her purple bikini. Another question that is related, sorta. Is there any new tutorial book for 4.5?? I picked up "Figures, Characters and Avatars" and I think it is great, but out of date because of the changes between 4.0 and 4.5.

    Again thank you so much for helping me with this issue. It's the simple ones that are the killer. Now that I think about it I remember going into that section when using the above mentioned book.

    Larry G

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