Problem with Jepes Jewels

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I have just purchased the Jepes Body Jewels product from Daz, and I'm having trouble making it work. I'm using Poser 8 and V4, I can see that it produces a second layer of some sort over the existing figure, and that I should be applying the various jewel and tear mats to that. But I can't find any way to select the second layer, and can only apply the mats to the original, with the obvious weird invisible results.

It's probably something basic that I have never seen before, but searching the manuals and forums have only pointed me at animation layers, not what amounts to a bodysuit effect. Any hints as to how I can select the injected second layer would be gratefully received.



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    You need to load two of the figure (V4 for you) and apply the morph and materials to only one, to create an overlay figure. I think this is in the readme - you should also inject the morphs you are using on the first V4 into the second, so that it will fit correctly. I'm not sure whether, in Poser, you can conform the second V4 to the first.

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