Imperial Guardian - Now available [Commercial]

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The Imperial Guardian has hit the store!

The Imperial Guardian outfit will give your heroic girl the power to protect or defend you. Although designed for Aiko 5, this outfit is ready for other Genesis female morphs such as Aiko 4, Victoria 4, RebySky, Basic Female, Victoria 5, Victoria 5 Supermodel, Hag, and Faerie.

The outfit includes the Crown, Veil, Shoulder Guards, Bracers, Hip Scarves, Pants, Top, Ankle Scarves, Staff, and Guardian Shoes. This fabulous set also has 68 beautiful material presets and 42 adjustment morphs, allowing for dynamic style control of the fabrics.

500 x 650 - 120K
1280 x 720 - 235K
648 x 842 - 127K
500 x 650 - 114K
500 x 650 - 104K


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    Very nice set, liked the look right on the spot when I saw it on Monday I think ?! And I was wondering then where it had gone, as I wanted to put it in the cart the day after :) (perhaps a store glitch)

    Anyway, here it is now, glad it returned and in the cart it goes :D

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    Yeah, it must have been a store glitch when you saw it, but I'm glad it's out now :)
    Happy rendering!


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    It's a gorgeous set! Here's a couple of renders I did using it.

    600 x 780 - 110K
    600 x 780 - 368K
    600 x 780 - 824K
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    Wow Marieah, those are beautiful :) Your poses are so expressive they really make the outfit come alive.

    I'm glad you are enjoying the set!

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    Thank you to everyone that purchased Imperial Guardian so far!

    I wanted to let you all know that I have some Wearable Presets I will be distributing once I get clarification from Daz
    on the best way to do it :) They are basically presets that will load the entire outfit for you with one click :)

    I'm also working on some sexy Material Presets as well that will really take the versatility of the outfit up another

    Here is a little preview - click for larger view :)

    700 x 763 - 54K
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