Transfer of character morphs to G8F impressions

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Hi people,

I did tried the new Genesis 8 Female. It looks pretty much like G3F except it doesnt have heel bones and th emain pose is different.

As i read in several forums and tutorials it apears to be possible to transfer all FBM and character morphs from G3F to G8F with no poblem.

So i tried it with the character i have created.

It works pretty much but i have to say i encountered several dificulties. So i will post my tutorial here for anyone interested.

So the steps are basically the following:

1. Load G3F

2. Go to parameters tab and find the morph/s you want to transfer and set them as favorites

3. Load G8F

4. Start the Transfer Utility (Pane (Tab) : Scene (WIP) : Option Menu : Assets)

5. Select as source G3F then as target G8F with Clone G3F - It is important to set for target shape Clone G3F

6. Then at the advanced option screen uncheck everything  except Morph targets and in the right pane (the options for Morph targets) unceck everything and in the source targets dropdown pick favorites.

7. If you try to transfer FBM or a morph that modify or scale the whole body including head you may experience a trouble with distortion near the hands, elbows or near the eyes. If that is the case check Use Near Vertices and pick nearness about 250% (that should be enough for most FBMs but please feel free to experiment). Or pose Genesis 3's arms at 45 degrees down and legs at 6 degrees out, and use "Current" rather than a clone as noted by SickleYield here. However in some cases the SickleYield's method doent seems to work quite well depending on the morph. On the other hand nearness can also cause trouble by not transfering the morphs enough correct. So just experiment. ;)

8. Uncehck Fit to Source and Add smoothing modifier

9. Press Accept and wait process to finish.

10. You should have the morph you want to transfer already available in G8F. dial it to 100% to see it is working.

11. If it is working is time to fix the bone structure which will be most probably out of the place. To do so with our morph dialed to 100% start the bone tool and select G8F. You should see the bones displayed in the scene. Then right click on empty space in the scene window and pick frm the menu Edit -> Adjust ridging to shape. In the opened window check all 3 checkboxes at the bottom and hit accept. You should see the bone changes a bit.

12. Now we have to stick that modfication of the bones to be available only to our morph.So go to Parameters tab and right click on our morph dial pad and pick "Edit mode". Then again right click on it and in the menu pick ERC freeze. Then Accept.

13. Now dial back the morph to 0 and back to 100% to see it is working.

14. Now if you like you can save the morph as a new G8F morph by using Save As -> Support Assest -> Morph Asset

Ofcource you can combine several morphs into one dial later and reimport the morph. That can happen like this:

1. After you transfered all the morphs you like with the method above Zero G8F shape.

2. Then dial the morphs you like to combine.

3. Now is the tricky part. Since the G8F have separate eyelashes child object be sure you hide is from the scene or delete it.

4. Now export G8F as object by using the script Export as base resolution obj provided with G8F

5. Then select G8F and zero it. Then start the Morph loader pro. Pick the newly exported obj with select morph objects button

6. The select Property group and set Reverse deformations to Yes

7. Click Accept. If everything is normal the process should complete with success and you will have the brand new combined morph with just one dial


Here is the result of the transfer of my Character Rina to G8F:

For skin is also used a G3F compartible shader.

I think conversion is quite well. However if someone have anything to ask or any suggestion feel free to post it here or contact me. :)

1000 x 1413 - 2M
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  • VyusurVyusur Posts: 1,840

    Thank you very much for the brilliant tutorial!

  • Vyusur said:

    Thank you very much for the brilliant tutorial!

    I hope it helps. Please if you encountered any problem or have additional info post it here.

  • VyusurVyusur Posts: 1,840

    It works fine so far. I haven't tried the work of joints yet. Thank you again for your help.

  • mmkdazmmkdaz Posts: 293

    Thanks for posting this. This is exactly how I've transfered morphs in the past, but was never sure if I used the correct parameters! Thanks for posting.

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