Aiko 5 Jenade Hair [Commercial]

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Hi there..

only a note if you are on the way to purchase my new hair product.

I have create that to a time where i was not 100 percent sure how to do all the DSON files and materials correct.
So to that time I need days to get Kind of this ready to go .

Thats the reason that it decide to make this for DAZ 4.5

But i have learn a lot the last month ,so i will start to do the Poser companion files tomorrow and hope that will work.
I will let you know how that is going on here for those that are working with Poser and cant do the files.

Thanks for your interest and hopefully understanding

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    This looks like a fun one! Love the style.

  • KarthKarth Posts: 709
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    Thanks !!

    Just did a render in Poserpro2012 on Smay´s Stalker Girl

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