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I'm never quite sure where to put these questions...

Anyway, I'm working on something right now, and the set I'm using is an alleyway, and the buildings have some sconce-type lamps on the walls. I want to make it sort of a night scene. Is there a way to make the lamps look illuminated without having it look like there's some invisible light source placed in front of the lamp?

Edit= I'm trying different things, but all I end up with is a dark looking lamp with a light circle that's casting a shadow on the wall.

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    Which application are you using? The simplest trick is usually to set the Ambient colour to the light colour and the strength to 90-100%. Another option may be to set the light source isnide the bulb, if you can turn cast shadows off for it without losing shadows you should have, and then set Translucency on if possible (the default DS shader doesn't support translucency, but the uberSurface shader does).

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    Just using Daz Studio 4. I'll try what you suggested and see what happens.

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