Bryce 7 Pro executable missing?

Since it appears that Bryce 7 Pro does not support the DAZ Install Manager, I followed the link in my order specification and downloaded the 2 Windows instalers available (BryceProContent_7.0.0.19_Win.exe and BryceLightning_7.1.0.109_Win.exe).

After runing the instalers there were r folders created under c:\Program Files (x86)\DAZ 3D\, 1 named 'Bryce 7' and 1 named BryceLightning7.

In the BryceLightning folder there is an excecutable 'Lightning.exe', omong other files and folders.

However, in the 'Bryce7' folder I can not find any executables, only 2 sub folders 'Presets' and 'Uninstaler'.

What do I need to do to run Bryce 7 Pro?


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    The application installer is on the Bryce 7 page, the serial number activates the Pro features.

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    Bryce does not like the install managerr,  THe actual Bryce program is an .exe and should be downloaded and run manually.  from here

    The actual program, which you need to install first, before any of the content, is the Bryce_7.1.0.109.Win32.exe.

    Bryce lightning you only need if you are going to set up a render farm.

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  • Thanks Chohole!

    I must have been blind but you showed me the way. Everything wotking fine now.

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    Oh  good.   glad I could help


  • I have installed all these files, and entered my PRO serial number. But I still don't have access to the pro-materials. Can anyone help me? It is hard to follow David Brinnens begunner tutorials without it! Could it be that I installed the files in the wrong order? Does it matter? 


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    It looks as though you have stuff installed in the wrong places.   Bryce is very particular as to where it's presets are installed.

    You first need to install  the main Bryce files, using the   Bryce_7.1.0.109_Win32.exe    before you install any content.   Also do not allow the installer to replace anything when it is installing various content files.  You do not need the Bryce lightning unless you are planning to run a render farm.

    Brycers do recommend that you do not use the DIM to install, but install manually

    Horo has a very helpful PDF on his site

  • Thank you for explanation. I just bought Bryce and it also looked weird as it's easy to miss "following product in this bundle" when you look at "7 pro content" page.

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