View an existing unfolded map?

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I am trying to edit an existing UV map for a purchased model. I have done this with other models, but the texture files were such that it was easy to tell from the detail where on a model a particular part of the texture file would map to.

The problem with this particular model's texture file is that it is basically one flat color. I have opened the model in DS4, Gone to File>Send to Hexagon, where it shows up, mapped and all. I want to add detail, particularly weathering, so I need to find out which part of this texture file falls on which part of the model. My assumption was that I could just open it in Hexagon and look at the unfolded map.

Alas, when I do so, there is no unfolded map. The texture files are there, and applied to the model, but I don't know how to view whatever existing unfold lines were created for the texture map to follow, therefore I cannot choose where on the map to add additional detail in a paint program.

Any ideas? Thank you.


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    If no maps are showing up when you look at it via changing the pain to UV view (and object is selected) then it may not have been mapped at all. Did any mapping show up in DS when you selected the surfaces?

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    Ah, that was it. Didn't realize I had to have the specific surface selected before going to the UV map pane. Thank you.


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