mcjGen3BodyconPlus - Genesis 3 version of the versatile dress

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This is a dress for Genesis 3 but it may work on other figures

here ! :

It's the same as the mcjGenesisDress but i added 18 morphs which transform this extra tight dress into an ample dress

The Genesis 1 and 2 version of this dress is here:






403 x 403 - 54K
640 x 800 - 116K
640 x 800 - 109K
354 x 800 - 97K
800 x 600 - 99K
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    end of May start of June 2017 !
    i made a new version of the Aiko3 bodycon, which is an extra-tight-fit short dress 
    i added morphs that transform it into large-bell dresses with undulations and pleats

    Genesis 3
    Genesis 1 and 2


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    the updated mcjGen3BodyconPlus with flipped normals and more morphs including an inflate/deflate morph


    720 x 960 - 138K
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    Hey there. This is a pretty nifty dress! I tried refitting it to Genesis 8, and that went smoothly. I also divided the surfaces into three sections: top, waist, and skirt. The idea was that I wanted to use the skirt in dForce. I wanted to make a full circle skirt not by making it into a disc and dropping it down like I have with others, but adding folds with enough depth that it effectively becomes fully circular. And the myriad morphs available give means to do that! But the skirt does not simulate well in dForce; it's very, very stiff and prone to clipping. And it just gets worse if the lengthening morph is used. I think this is because the mesh is pretty low resolution. While you can increase the subdivision level, it only affects collision detection; dForce's simulation effectively only uses base geometry to determine how fabric moves and flows.

    Do you think you could make a version where the skirt is subdivided? Mayhaps subdivided even twice? The more polygons available to dForce, the nicer the results are.

    I was also wondering if you'd be willing to share how you made all those nifty shaping morphs for the skirt. It seems like these morphs could be used to make many skirts fuller and flowier.

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