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I gave up trying to transfer Morphs from Carrara. Now trying to create them with Poser and having difficulty with controlling the alignment of the magnet. I was trying to dish one of the cylinder bases as seen in the attachment. Although it is probably exactly as I need, it happened by accident when I was trying to position the magnet. I would like to get the result by design and not by accident. Probably a silly question but:

How can I position the parts independantly? The magnet, the base and the cylinder all moved together when I tried to set it up.


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    Sorry, here is the attachment.

    dish Morph.jpeg
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  • The base controls the centre of the effect, the magnet generates the effect - however it is moved relative to the base, the mesh will move. The field should be movable as that is used to determine which areas of the target model are deformed.

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    Maybe I should have turned the magnet power down before I moved it into position because the mesh moved as I tried to align the magnet with the mesh.

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    Is there any way to lock a morphed object in Carrara such that it doesn't revert to its pre-morphed state after importing to Poser? The .obj exportj option to "save morphs and skinning" doesn't work. 

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