[Tutorial] Easy making of JCMs and MCMs in Daz Studio 4.9

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Hello to all people at here. Recently I had to make quite a few JCMs for custom Genesis 3 morphs, originating from older generations and encountered some difficulties with methods of making JCMs in the new Studio 4.9. The old documentation for making JCMs and MCMs is greatly obsolete and the newer versions of Daz Studio offer much more faster and easier ways to perform this task. But these possibilities are undocumented so far and when I haven't found any clear info expect from great videos by Josh Darling, I decided to write my own little tutorial. For me, any illustrated text comes more handy than videoclips, and I think such PDF guide will be useful to many new users of DAZ Studio. It's my first tutorial and  I tried to make it as clear as I could, although it is written not by a professional and may miss some important moments. I hope it will help you in similar cases and if you add your own tips in this thread, I would be very grateful.

Here is the web link - Easy Making JCMs in DAZ Studio 4.9

And it's in the attachment also.

Easy Making JCMs in DAZ Studio 4.9.pdf


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    Wow! Thanks alot. I've heard them mentioned repeatedly but have yet to deal with them. I am interested to learn.

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    Thank you so much yes

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    Thank you very usefulllaugh

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    It is very useful.  Thank you for sharing.

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    Thank you very, very much.  I was just about to try rigging a custom prop and will be needing these tools.  You are very generous with your time.  Much appreciated.

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    Thanks wargis... appreciate the file.

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    This will prove very handy! big thanks!


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    Thank you for this tutorial! Do you know if this will work for Genesis 8 figures as well?

  • And the Short Short version  - just the programmy parts and presuming you can sort out importing and exporting morphs on your own

    (all Cap letters are variables, not related to XYZ space)

    To make a conditional controller 

    (If Morph X is active, and Bend Y reaches value N, then apply JCM Z)

    1 First make corrective morph - dial Morph X,   Dial Bend Y to value N, make JCM Z

    2 Right click on Bend Y dial, and freeze ERC for JCM Z only

    3 View JCM Z in Hierarchal Properties, and drop Morph X into the 2nd stage controller slot

    4 Save as Morph Asset


    this is mainly so I have a web backup of my ntoes ;)

  • Thanks for this it was a great help and memory refresher.

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    thank you.  :)

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