Merging Faces

Suppose I splite a face into 2 by adding a line in the middle?  Which tool would I use to remove the line to make it one whole face?  If I just remove the middle line, then the entire face is deleted because that middle line is essential to both faces?  Sorry if this is a newb question.


  • So as you can see, the glass was split into two.  I did this because the backpart of the lumia920 is rounded, not flat.  But in doing that, it created a split on the front.

    1920 x 1080 - 191K
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    Are you trying to remove the middle line ? If so select it, then loop it (letter L is the keyboard shortcut) then press the backspace key, when the option box appears choose ALL.

    Looking at your sceen grab I can see you are going to have problems with Ngons. Normally, a face will have 4 points.

    Rather than try to put into words I've done a quick video for you, the Command Viewer will tell you what tools I am using.

    Note - I included the Backspace option so you can see that in operation aswell.

    Hope this helps, if not please feel free to PM me with the prop and I'll see if I can fix it for you - John


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