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I apologize for a possible duplicate thread but the search isn't working for me with the old forums, it results in debugging, I am thinking of getting these sets, but am wondering if you can use other textures or if they are strictly the textures provided, for example if I wanted to use M5 textures and add the Bullit wounds. If they are just the textures included are they high resolution or low for multiple dead bodies in a render. I'm hoping it will make some good zombies and dead bodies but I want females too not just males, even
though I'm assuming its designed for just males.


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    From what I've seen, the textures are strictly M4. You can apply them to an M5 figure (or V5) since you can change the UV-mapping of the figure to M4 in the "Shading" tab. But there's no easy way to add bullet holes to an M5 texture.

    The textures can be applied to any genesis character, male or female, and they all turn out wonderfully gruesome (except Toon Amy. The hole in her over-sized head is much larger than the ones in her spindly arms). If you plan on doing PG-rated renders, where all the objectionable bits are covered, then you're good to go. If you need an R-rated render, you can import the "Nipple" material zone from another texture and change the diffuse color to match the mottled color of the Good as Dead 2 texture. If you want something that's a little more NC-17, then you're asking the wrong forum...

    Alright, alright. If you really want that, try Henrika's "Carcinoma" texture at Renderotica. Apply it, add the specific, um...effects that interest you, and adjust the diffuse color to a something purplish. Enough to make a grown man cry...

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    Haha, well my pics wouldn't be PG but there wouldn't be nudity, just gore I guess, I was thinking like a zombie with a bullet wound in the head, or something, my husband is big into zombies and I was interested in these when they first came out but didn't look too much into them since I couldn't get them at the time, and with Halloween months away I want to try for a creepy picture maybe with realism

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    GAD2 is designed for both genesis and m4.
    The genesis sets can be turned to either male of female depending on how you turn the dial. I kept the base texture I used as genderly neutral as I could.
    They cannot really be switched on to other textures as they are not an overlay, but complete texture sets unto themselves.
    But they are made with a variety of options to have the particular wounds on different body parts only.


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    Thank you guys for the response, all 3 in my cart

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