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    anikad said:
    So how, exactly, do people know what has been released in the past 60 days?

    Another way I found was to manually tweak the "advanced search" on the site...

    By entering the following in your broswer address bar, it will give you the results for every item (DO & PA) released more than 60 days (or 2 months'ish) ago:;[to]=12-14-12

    (IMPORTANT: copy the line above and remove the ; before the opening square bracket)

    By adding a "vendor[0]=469" query on the end, it will give you just the DAZ Originals:;[to]=12-14-12&vendor;[0]=469

    (IMPORTANT: copy the line above and remove the ; before the opening square brackets)

    Simply change the "12-14-12" after the "activated[to]" to the date exactly 2 months ago (in MM-DD-YY format)

    I have this URL bookmarked so I can go to it straight away whenever a sale/promo or coupon is active for DO's older than 60 days

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    Wow, KJA79A, they are going to have to fix that loophole aren't they! Thanks for the tip though. Finally bringing the horse home.

    Well, they fixed it :(

    ... but $1.99 PC items from those artists still count! :)

    Get in quick and you can still add a couple of $1.99 items to your cart to save 50% on those big $$$ eligible PA and DO items

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    Thanks for this useful url ^^
    But really, the ratio good products / pain to buy them is really decreasing. I used to love daz, and they sell good products, but the new store is making me mad each time I want to buy something. I think I've sent more messages to support in 2 months than in all the years before :(

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    I think the Documentation Center date of Dec 21 for Utopia Labs is wrong. I put it on my wishlist on Dec 18th, which would have made it eligible for this sale on Sunday. Oh well, I can wait for another sale :blank:

    It would be so much better to know the official release dates without having to look them up in the Documentation Center. I hate to waste time bargain shopping and then not buying anything.

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    I bought 4 items from 3D Universe and one from Pretty3D, got alf off my entire order. Mostly older items though.

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    according to a post of Stonemason in the commercial Utopia Labs threads, it was available for selling on the 18th december 2012, wich is 62 days away from today, sadly the 50% discount doesnt apply in my cart when having Utopia Labs + 3 other items that works in the offer

    link to Stonemason post i was talking just up

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