Textures or Colors?

I have a custom made model of an animal that is following Genesis three. I would like to be able to add some color (textures?) such as cheeks and nose. Is this possible somehow within Daz Studio or do I have to do this after render in photoshop?


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    did it come with a texture? ... if you select it ... then go to surfaces and select the surface there should be at least one of the boxes... diffusion map etc that will show the texture .. click on it and say browse and it should take you to where the texture is and then right click on the image and say open with photoshop.. make changes ... do a "save as"
     out of PS and then click on your new texture.... 

    in iray... it will be in the base color as well as trans and glossy etc...  so you should change them all.
    but after you change the first one ... it will be in the list of surfaces that pops up when you click in the box that shows the texture


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    If it has been uv mapped then you can make textures for it.

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    If it doesn't have textures on it already, the easiest way to check would be to throw any old image in the diffuse input in the surfaces tab. Something like this https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/54/93/a5/5493a57ca3d5b6610fbbfc6db8d95188.jpg

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