Mimic Live vs Lip Sync

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I just did a test with Mimic Live, I tried to get Brock to walk AND talk together but it couldn't be done. Can you load a pre-recorded audio file into Mimic as you can in Lip Sync in Daz3? I don't see where. There is the box for a file but it's only the live recording with the figure to be saved. And I must say Lip Sync in D3, did a beautiful job with the precorded audio, it was very close to being real believable, WOW! The lips moved and formed right in sync with the words, it was amazing. I can see where with Mimic to get the character to walk and talk will have to be done manually. I mean he walked but his lips didn't move until he stopped walking. ISn't there a sublayer in the timeline or Animate2 line for the figure in the scene, to make him walk and talk together?


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    this is done separately,

    Use after load animation


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    there is lipsync in DS4 32bit, yiu can still save the scene and do the rest and render it in 64bit

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