Download Manager freezing while downloading.

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The download manager is freezing when downloading. Had to end task to stop the application. When I when back in application would not login. How do I fix this?


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    Untill today I had no problems with the DIM. It dropped my connection three times today, and I will wait until later on to try again.

    The servers are being bombarded by people downlioading content using the DIM, and I don;t think there is much you can do abot it. I was able to login again OK, and it still kept dropping the connection. I got a message telling me to click on my username at the top to log in again, and that worked, but the problems still existed.

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    I ran tghis morning and I had no problems logging in and downloading.

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    Can you still not login at all using the DIM? Do you get an error message, or what happens exactly.

    I am able to login and download now, but it still disconnected once while I was doing it. I can login again without a problem.

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    I'm getting the server dropping the connection issues as well. I went on a bit of a shopping spree the last two days and trying to add everything in. This has been a majority of the day issue. At least by the time I'm finished, logging in will be pure muscle memory. I'm wishing we had an installer for non DAZ items. I'm not fond of going through the runtimes, though the same complaint continues on things grouping in a nonsensical order. Someday I will get to cleaning up and ordering all of my content. Just like I really want to clean out my closet.

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