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When I am in Photoshop and select render to new layer, I does something with the image, moves it or something like that.
The picture shows how it looks, the shadow should fit the edge of the document, but i gets moved???

Does anybody know how to fix this?

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    Ok, open up an image the size you want it with a transparent background, then use Preview Image first, and check the image to new layer checkbox, after that, then use the render to new layer. This method will allow the render to be rendered with a transparent background so you can move it around freely without a white background.

    Your other option, if you have the Extended version of Photoshop, is to use the Export to U3D option, which imports the scene with lights and camera on a transparent 3D plane.

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    Thanks :)
    How do you select and look through the cameras when import as U3D?

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    Change your PS layout to 3D, or go to Window > 3D to activate the 3D tools. In my image, I circled the camera rotate tool icon you should use to rotate the camera. You can hover over the others to see what they do. PSX also allows you to paint directly onto the mesh and reflect the changes back into DS if needed.

    Left click + drag = rotate around figure
    Right click + drag = move left/right/up/down
    Alt + Left click + drag = tilt left/right
    Alt + Right click + drag = zoom in/out
    Ctrl + left click + drag = pick up figure and move it (for minor tweaks that don't require the cam to be moved)

    You can hold down the tool icon to just change directly to the desired movement tool if you don't want to use hotkeys.

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