Poser to Zbrush Morphing Hair & Clothing

I was hoping someone could help me with the method of taking a posed V4 plus the hair into Zbrush where I can make some corrections to the hair's mesh. And if the same method could be used for taking a posed V4 and a piece of clothing into Zbrush to modify any problems with the clothing. I have a character with long hair lying on her stomach and it is creating clipping on her shoulder that the morphs that came with the hair cannot rectify. The hair is also sticking up at the back and I would like to push it into place, so it rests closer to the character's back.

Because my character is posed, I would really like to have both V4 and the hair in Zbrush so I can more accurately see what is going on while I am morphing the hair.

I am new to this pipeline and I'm still finding my way around Zbrush, so any help would be appreciated. I'm using Poser Pro 2014 and Zbrush 4R6.

I know my pipeline is good, as I have already taken V4 into Zbrush and made some correction morphs on her body, but this was with V4 by herself and using the GoZ function.

I tried to use the GoZ function to take both V4 and the hair into Zbrush, and while this did work and my posed character was a tool in Zbrush, it also appeared to be a single object - V4 and the hair combined. For obvious reasons, having V4 and the hair as a single object doesn't help.

I know it is possible to take a character and a piece of clothing from Daz Studio into Zbrush and morph the clothing to fit, so I am hoping the same is possible with Poser. Hopefully someone will have some ideas of the process for getting V4 and the hair into Zbrush, and keeping them separate tools so I can modify the hair with V4 there as a guide.

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