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I suspect this has been answered somewhere else but I have not been able to find it.  In the Node Weight Map Brush tool I am attempting to select the polygons of a dress.  I am using the lasso tool.  The selection works fine on the front of the dress but then I saw the selection had selected the back of the dress also.  What I wanted to know, is there a setting that tells the selection tool to only select the area you are looking at on an object and not going through the entire object?


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  • Syrus_DanteSyrus_Dante Posts: 983

    I alwasy use the Geometry Editor for selecting polygons. You also can switch "Use Symetry" there. The one thing you should know is that you can add to the selection with Ctrl+LeftMouseClick&Drag and substract with Alt+LeftMouseClick&Drag. I hope these are the default key-bindings if not you can look & change them here: Window > Workspace > Customize or press F3. At the bottom you can see Viewport Shortcuts click on Geometry Editor tab and choose Mouse Button Modifiers. I normaly select some polygons and use "Create Selection Set From Selected" then I click on the selection set and the polygons get highlited in red. Then I select some of them and use "Remove Selected From Set".

    If you plan to paint weightmaps only on that selection of polygons - select them in Geometry Editor and switch over to the Node Weight Map Brush Tool and the selection should stay the same - then check "Respect Selection" and paint on that selection.

    I dont know why the selection with lasso tool goes thru the model but maybe change from front view to side view and use Selection Mode > Marquee with the substract key pressed to remove the back side.

  • tring01tring01 Posts: 305

    Try changing your viewport setting to Hidden Line.  That hides the geometry behind the geometry you're looking at so that you can select only what you're looking at.

  • Syrus_DanteSyrus_Dante Posts: 983


    nice to know - sounds logical with Hidden Line - have to try that - thanks.

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