System Requirements

I tried finding System Requirements online but it seems it's not available? (even on Daz documentation...)

Does anybody have a link for it? I want to know if this old machine suppor it as it's the only one I have working at the moment crying  (I burned my new laptop hehe... it didn't bare my Iray renders)

(specs on page 2

Thanks! smiley


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    I don't have a link for Hexagon system requirements but I did try to look up your box. I used Hexagon for a couple of years on a machine of that vintage, eg. 64-bit capable, 2 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, Vista Home Basic, plays (or played) Blu-Ray discs. Bit hard getting at the PDF, and I took the trouble to look up "Sony laptop VGNCS260" as well, which produces a slightly older machine but nevertheless - I have used Hex, again for a couple of years, on machines like that (eg. of that general vintage.)

    The reason I am not using the 64-bit, 2 Ghz, 4 GB RAM machine right now this minute is that **I think** a technician forgot to attach the/a fan cable the last time I had the unit serviced: it seems to be running a bit hot and I'm leery of frying it.

    The only thing I can say is for me Hexagon runs a bit better, (eg. a bit more stable) on slightly newer machines, with Win7 64-bit as the OS say. I was never able to revive the Blu-Ray part on my Sony after all the fuss with the ACS keys, bla bla bla, and then Corel bought the rights to the company that had supplied the Blu-Ray player to Sony. If you contact Corel these days you just get a request for $100+ for the right to download the new player, plus a lot of SPAM..indecision

    Anyway, hope this helps. Generally speaking Hexagon = not too bad. Iray would be pushing your luck a bit.

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    Your system should push Hexagon, for the most part, without too much of a problem, though working with large files might be an issue.

    The most critical thing for Hexagon is basically a stable video card that has good OpenGL compatibiltiy and, more importantly, a good driver that you can adjust, as necessary. I have used Hexagon on a laptop with an Intel chipset with no issues and, to be honest, Hexgon tends to work better in that environment than one with hi-end video cards, since more of those cards deal with versions of OpenGL that Hex is no longer optimized for.

    Hex has a number of internal settings that can help get it going and keep it stable, however the only way anyone can tell you if it's going to work well on your machine is actually running it on your machine. :) It's generally cheap enough that you shouldn't worry about buying it. If it won't work, DAZ is usually pretty good about refunds, so no worries, there.

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