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what a difference. i will check out uu3d.. let me ask you one more question, on the bottle body would you go through the trouble of evening out the mesh for the bottle neck if you were only laying some text or a image below on the main body?
Thanx again roygee you have been a real help.

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    If it's only going to be flood-filled with a colour, I wouldn't bother. If you needed to put text or an image on the curved part of the UV template, you'd either have to straighten the lines, or curve the text to match, as you can see from the distorted text on the bottle-top.

    BTW, I'd rotate the UV island so as to be perpendicular to make straightening the lines and placing the text easier:)

    PS - you can make life easier for yourself by UV mapping before smoothing - easier to select seams:)

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    thanx roygee

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