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    Khory said:
    I'm wondering if he is about to set the table for a romantic dinner with a silver lady.
    The additional lights (with AO and just ambient) is more for fill or ambient light in a scene...

    Thanks for the comments, Khory, and for the usage tips. I also like the idea of a romantic dinner...
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    You do some very nice renders. This one is especially nice :)

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    Another beautiful render scorpio64dragon! The reflected surfaces in that one turned out really wonderfully!

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    I really like this set and will be grabbing it myself. I hope you will think about doing an extension of the set?

    Some things I would like to see.....

    A small candle in a hand lamp, something like this

    Some wall sconces for old buildings, castles, and more humble abodes. Before the time of the electric light bulb. It would be amazing to have those kinds of stuff! Maybe, even some outside candle sconces to light entry ways and the exterior of old homes.

    I think the candelabras would be wonderful. Maybe one simple ,and maybe one that could be a more vintage, ornate in design.

    Some outdoor lanterns would be great for our heroines, as they walk outside on the moors!

    I tend to render in eras that lend themselves to candle use.


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    This is still in my cart along with a lot of DAZ Original stuff that I'm waiting for the February PlatClub coupon to post before checking out, so I can't check to see. But I'm assuming that in addition to candles in candle sticks there are also plain candles in the package as well? I can readily see turning the matt zones of the original candles and flames off in some of the candle lanterns and candleabras in some of my existing sets. Like, for example, just about anything by DM. The only problem would be if the candles were too tall to fit. Although, I suppose I could just use the lights and use the originals, as someone did in one of the renders above.

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    There is a bed candle in the set modeled after the one I grew up with. I've also started working on an additional set that is looking very fun so far.

    But I’m assuming that in addition to candles in candle sticks there are also plain candles in the package as well?

    Yes, I have included a regular candle, a votive and a fat stubby candle as individual props (with attached lights) in case people wanted to use them alone. I'll do a couple of renders as examples.

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    I did a quick render using the unattached candles. And as there was a question about fit I scaled both of them up some. The one on the plate was the short fat candle scaled up all over. The one in the DM stick was the votive scaled to be bigger and taller. It does make the flame taller as well but I don't think it looks bad.

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    Thank you Gedd and Khory.

    This one uses the Freak 5 and the Derek character.

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    That light color makes the specularity on his skin really stunning. A bit like he was brushed with bronze or something. Another lovely render scorpio64dragon!

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    I think I have fixed the crashing of Daz Studio Pro installation by uninstalling it, rebooting the computer
    and installing it again. To test it, I have rendered the scene with the volumetric camera from
    candles and ambient lights.
    The rendering time was over 23 hours (but that included also time when the computer went to sleep),
    so I estimate that the effective rendering time was around 13 hours.
    So here it is - Hiro 5 with the candles.

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    Even with rest time that seems like a long render to me. Though my lap top has been trying to teach me patience with rendering. I have a fairly small test render running right now and its at 10 hours and 11%. I suspect my slow up is a combination of multiple lights with ray traced shadows and an huge volume of reflection. I think it is a great idea to try the candles with the volumetric camera. I have that set and really love it but have not tested with it yet. Though it had crossed my mind to try it with this test render.

    One thing I am noticing in your render is that the shadows are getting nuked. I suspect by the camera. I'm not sure what the ideal work around would be for that. I'd have to do some testing with the candles and the camera.. Perhaps I'll have a go after I get back from the grocery store.

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    Thanks for the comments, Khory. And yes I miss the shadows on the renders.
    If you find the proper settings, could you please post some example set up to start up with.
    I have looked at the user guide for the "Atmospheric Cameras for DAZ Studio"
    but it does not include any example settings for the cameras, besides just simple explanations of available parameters,
    so one need to experiment a lot to find some good ones.
    By the way, I like very much your "By Candle Light For DAZ Studio". It has so many possible uses.
    You have made such a great product to work with.

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    Artini, I did a few test renders. None of them worth saving though. I think part of the problem is that the volume needs some fairly directional light to really work well. I suspect that someone who was really super at sorting out the settings on the camera could get a good candle glow, but that is beyond my current merger skills.

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    Thanks for trying, Khory. I will do more tests with different cameras and maybe with some area lights,
    just to see how your set works with different setups.
    Yay, it is my 251st post in the new forums, so now I am an "Active Member".

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    One more for the road:

    A week later and I can say without hesitation that:
    This is hands down one of my top 5 purchases of all time.
    The lighting is subtle yet clear, and the candles themselves add so much to the scenes.
    With all the different shaders included, and the deformer flame trick?
    I just can't get over it.

    Really awesome Khory.

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    What a wonderful complement Ippotamus! And what an adorable image. Really love her expression as she ponders her plans. Depending on how you feel about them the rings of light can be made smaller or gotten rid of by lowering the shadow bias. I am just so thrilled your enjoying these!

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