How to install, and select Victoria 4.2

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First of all, as a newbie, sorry in advance for my common question. I have tried different things found into your forum, but with no success. I certainly missed something…

So, I installed your free Daz3d app ( thank you ! ) and it works great, I'm half-way now ;-)
Then I bought from you Victoria 4.2 Base, unzip it, and then my problems begun…

- I have tried different folder to put in V4 : Runtime/Library/etc…
And when I open DAZ and try to load/place in the scene Victoria 4 I can't, I don't find her on the left menu with Genesis/Kids, so I tried via the right ones, on this way I can apply some poses but when I want to double-click on Victoria4 to apply her on the standard 3d model on the scene a window appears telling me no way…

I'm planning to use and buy a lot of nice things that I saw on your shop, so I really want to understand correctly after buying how and where to put this different files folders to be able to work with…

I hope my french/english is not too hard to read ;-)

Thank you in advance !


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    Are you on a Mac or PC? If on a PC you need to be installing it into C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library

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    I'm on a PC. So I just need to move with drag and drop Victoria4 folder into MyLibrary?

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    Extract the zip into that folder. It will put it where it needs to go

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    Great, it works now! Thank you very much ;-))))))

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    Just a last question... When I bought Victoria, 2 other files are downloadable : a "Victoria Power loader" and a "Victoria DS poses", but this files seems to failed at the end of their installation, are they important?

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 55,231
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    PowerLoader gives you a dialogue when you impotr the figure, so that you can choose which morphs to load, apply a material set, and adjust scale and subdivision. The DS poses are just that - a few poses, and I think a Puppeteer preset or two.

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    If it failed at the very end of the install, then they are perfectly installed...the part that fails is the documentation/links writing.

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    Thank you guys ;-)

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