did M3 have more expressions than V3?

MistaraMistara Posts: 28,311
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I see my M3 has lipspucker2 and lipspucker3.

my V3 doesn't have those. I'm wondering if I missed an expression pack?



  • tsaristtsarist Posts: 1,097
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    I believe there are more packs available for V3 (if one counts products not available at Daz

    I am fairly certain there is a lipspucker on V3.
    I'm not at my 3D computer to check right now, but I'm pretty sure.

    Have you installed the ++ morphs?

    Best of Luck!


  • MistaraMistara Posts: 28,311
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    Thanks. ++ for V3? i bought the V3 anniversary bundle that includes morphs and maps.

    if M3 is the same mesh as V3? maybe i can copy the extra lipspuckers to V3?

    i installed V3 sr2, but there was no base expressions or visemes or anything. the morphs in the bundle didn't include blink or frowns and expression-ie stuff.

  • Virtua36Virtua36 Posts: 13
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    V3 SAE has those.You can still get her for free in the free figures pack from DAZ3D at


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